Reflection 2001 - The Third International Conference on Metalevel Architectures and Separation of Crosscutting Concerns - Kyoto, Japan, September 25-28, 2001



The Conference is open only to registered participants.

The Registration Form should be completed (only one participant per form) online or printed, completed and returned to Reflection 2001 - Registration Office. Your registration form or the receipt obtained after your online registration has to be accompanied by the payment of your fee, otherwise the registration will not be processed. Please refer to the instructions for payment given below. On-site registration with cash (JPY, ¥, only) or credit card (Visa, Mastercard) is also possible.


Full-time students may qualify for student fees. And the Regular fees apply to all other participants.

Registrations made before August 31, 2001 (midnight JST) qualify for Early Registration. Registrations made after August 31, 2001 (midnight JST) qualify for Late Registration. Registrations made during the conference qualify for On-site Registration.

Attendance on the 25th, including the tutorials, are free to all full conference registrants. There is a one-day registration with which all events on the 25th can be attended, but not the main Reflection 2001 conference.

All prices are in JPY (¥). 100JPY is about 0.93Euro or 0.79USD. No tax is appliable to these prices.


At this time, we are planning to spend all conference budget surplus towards student travel support, up to the point where valid receipts can be presented for 'reasonable' expensese, i.e., (cheapest possible) travel, lodging, and food.

If you are students (and young researchers) who need travel support, please mark the registration form to indicate that and describe your budgetary situtation. The deadline of the application is the same day as that of the early registration. We will review the applications and inform you a week after the deadline whether you can get travel support or not (and how much).


Conference Registration Fee (¥)
Early Registration¥40,000¥15,000
Late/On-site Registration¥50,000¥20,000

The Conference registration fee covers:


The One-day registration is available to persons who participate in only tutorial and workshops, that will be held at 25th(Tuesday), but do not register to the Conference. Note that One-day registration does not apply to persons registered for the Conference.

One-day Registration Fee (¥)
Early Registration¥10,000¥5,000
Late/On-site Registration¥12,000¥7,000

The One-day registration fee covers:


Accompanying Person Registration Fee (¥)
Early/Late/On-site Registration¥15,000

The Accompanying Person fee covers:


Payment for conference, tutorial, and accompanying person should be made in advance by one of the following means:

Bank to bank transfer (Strongly recommended for Japanese participants)
Transfer in full the Registration amount to the acount of:
Daiichi-Kangyo-Bank Oo-okayama branch
Account number 1990892
All the remittance handling fees must be paid by the remitter, so that transfers are free of charge to Reflection 2001 Office.
Credit Card (Mastercard, VISA)
Please complete the charge authorization section on the registration receipt (if on-line registration) or on the registration form.

Note: No refund on cancellation.


The Conference Registration form can be downloaded/viewed/completed in three formats:

You must send by fax or regular mail your online registration payment form or registration form to:

Reflection 2001 Office (c/o Satoshi Matsuoka)
Department of Mathematical and Computing Sciences,
Tokyo Institute of Technology
2-12-1 Oo-okayama, Meguro-ku
152-8552 TOKYO, Japan

Phone: +81 3 5734 3503
Fax: +81 3 5734 3503


The accommodation reservation is conducted by Japan Travel Bureau (JTB), Kyoto Branch. We arranged the following hotels for participants:

Name of HotelRoom Rate per night
Single rm.Twin rm.
DeluxeHotel Granvia Kyoto¥14,000¥18,000
Kyoto Hotel¥14,500¥21,000
FirstNew Miyako Hotel¥8,500¥13,000
Kyoto Tokyu Hotel¥8,500¥15,000
Hotel Keihan Kyoto¥8,000¥15,000
StandardDai-ni Tower Hotel¥7,000¥12,000

* The above room rates include tax and service charge.

Please download the accommodation reservation form, and fill it, and send it to JTB Kyoto by fax or regular mail:


Kyoto is almost at a middle of Japan islands. The best way to reach there is to arrive at Kansai International Airport (KIX) in Osaka and take a train to Kyoto (80min). Another option is to arrive at Osaka International Airport "Itami" (ITM) and take a shuttle bus to Kyoto (50min) although it should be difficult to find an airplane directly arriving at Itami. If you want to visit Tokyo as well, you can first arrive at New Tokyo International Airport "Narita" (NRT) and take a bullet train "Shinkansen" to Kyoto (2.5 hours). No matter which airport you arrive at, I strongly recommend using public transportation; please don't rent a car or enjoy a drive in Japan. It is a really dangerous idea unless you have a great experience of driving a car in Japan.

Another tip you may want to know is that another Tokyo International Airport "Haneda" (HND) is far from "Narita" (NRT). Although they are directly connected by train and shuttle bus, it takes two or more hours. If you stay in Tokyo, flying from "Handea" to "Itami" (1 hour) is not a bad idea. Both airports are close to the city centers and there are shuttles between them.

Taking taxis within Kyoto as well as in other cities such as Tokyo is a convenient method of transportation, and the fare is also reasonable. All taxis are metered and you do not have to tip the taxi driver or pay for luggage.

On the other hand, we strongly advise against taking a taxi to/from Narita airport, unless there are more than 2 people sharing the ride. Since it is located more than 60kms away from Tokyo, and the expensive toll road prices, a taxi ride between the airport and Tokyo could cost as much as 20,000 yens (180 Euros, or $160 U.S.).

From Kansai International Airport (KIX):

80 minutes by JR Airport Express "Haruka" (train) to Kyoto station.

From New Tokyo Internatioal Airport (NRT):

1 hour by JR Narita Express (train), or 2 hours(?) by Airport limousine bus, to Tokyo Station.

2.5 hours by JR Shinkansen "Nozomi" or "Hikari" (train) from Tokyo to Kyoto.

There should be a discount train ticket only for foreign tourists. Please contact your local travel agency.

From Kyoto to the conference site:

The conference site is Kyoto Research Park (KRP). To reach there, you must take a JR San'in Honsen (or JR Sagano line) from Kyoto Station to Tanbaguchi Station (5 min). KRP is 5min walk from Tanbaguchi. If you take a taxi, it will take 10min (1,000 to 2,000 japanese yen). The conference hotels are located near Kyoto Station.


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